1.16 Minecraft servers?


1.16 Minecraft servers?

Minecraft 1.16 is officially out and so is Minecraft servers support for 1.16 clients and 1.16.1 to be exact since Minecraft 1.16 had realms bug and 1.16.1 got released shortly after to address that issue.

With that being said for major servers 1.16 is far from stable and usable since there are still tons of plugins that are still not updated and Minecraft 1.16 related bugs and dupe glitches.

However it seems like things are slowly but surely moving forward as there was actually Bukkit 1.16, CraftBukkit 1.16 and Spigot 1.16 released, shortly after even PaperSpigot 1.16 which is used by servers with large player base.

It's probably still too soon to say when most of servers will update to 1.16 since they're usually relaying on various plugins that will take months to update but we're slowly getting there.