Best Minecraft prison servers


Best Minecraft prison servers

I've gone pretty hard on the Prison game mode in Minecraft. However I'm finding that there are fewer and fewer good servers offering this mode. It's actually pretty sad. If you're looking for a few decent servers left out there, you don't have to look further as I'm here to give you to the scoop. Here's my four favorite prison servers.


While there are a few prison servers that are a part of a larger cluster of servers, ExtremeCraft takes the cake. Their staff is willing to help you in case of any problems and they're constantly updating their servers with new content. Usually they err on the side of caution and wait for it to be tried and tested however there's still plenty of fresh ideas to go around. Their prison server is top notch and I've spent more than a few hours playing on it.


LemonCloud's prison mode is the definition of conservative game design. There's not a lot of innovation going on, however that's not entirely a bad thing. The prison mode is by design a more of a closed game mode and changes aren't usually for the better. The community is still fun to mess around with and they're pretty friendly over all.


ManaCube tends to hit most of these lists as theyre pretty well managed. Their servers are quite well updated and moderated and there are plenty of players on them. Their prison servers are divided into 3 worlds, the farming world, the market world and the free world, letting you use a plot on each to make the most them. They also have quite a strict ruleset about their prison mode and don't mess around. However it does make for a pretty fun experience.


MCPrison is one of the more unique servers around. They're mostly concentrated on providing a one of the only dedicated underwater themed servers. Their prison mode is one of their main attractions and they've modded it with custom enchantments, lucky crates, giveaways, login rewards and so on. There's always something going on and there are plenty events to keep their server feeling fresh and fun. Obviously their prison is what draws most of the players in but they stay for the perks and events.

These are my favorite Prison servers. There are obviously other Minecraft Prison servers, however if you're looking to get into the game mode, these are the servers id recommend checking out. However if you'd like to dip your feet in the water from the get go, I'd direct you to minecraft servers, where you can find plenty of servers and I'm sure there's one that's just right for you.