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New minecraft servers?

There are so many games available in the world, all the games white simple help in removing all the stress of daily life. You can do wonders removing all the stress and tensions of life by just playing games like Minecraft in the mobile or on the computers. Today is the era of Science and Technology, and you can do anything with your mobile and networks these days. Now you can play some crucial games like Minecraft. The game is beautifully designed by the developers of the game to provide you all the great fun and entertainment in the home or in the offices where you all work for the daily wages to run your everyday life.

There are so many things to learn about each game you play on the mobile, all the computers. Today I will teach you some basics about the Minecraft gameplay and some other essential points of adding new service in the game. Below you will find some necessary help to add more servers in the game to play a Minecraft in multiplayer mode.

  • It is better to hire some services which provide decent help in making a new server for the game. However, for this service no need to pay a little money to get the service in the home for the offices. You can get assistance from internet sources, checksum local internet sites, which offer excellent service to start the new facility for the Minecraft game.
  • Before making any decision on a particular service, you need to check all the reviews about the service, available on the Internet. You’re always free to read all the comparisons and views about the particular service available in your local market on Internet sources. All the reviews and comparison helps you to make the right decision all the cost of the service and also for the self-performance of the company.
  • To check all the reviews comparison about the particular service, you need to access YouTube and other relevant internet websites, which offer helpful information about specific service which you are planning to hire to make all the secure servers for the multiplayer gaming in the Minecraft game.
  • Making a particular theme for the server is also better for the Gamers so just want to play the game more and more. Availability of themes is depending upon the search you are making on the Internet. Try to search only those websites which offers nice information about the Minecraft game.
  • The software was also necessary to play the game in a secure mode. Numerous types of softwares available on the Internet, which will provide this and help in getting all the write plugins for the server in the Minecraft game.


By hammering on the last name, I can say that all the words you will about are in auto provide you all the necessary knowledge, which is used to manage all the servers on computers and mobile phones to play the Minecraft very quickly. Just follow all the lines mentioned above to get decent help.

What are the best Minecraft servers you can use?

Minecraft server is the gaming server that is used to play the game online with multiple players. The Minecraft is a top-rated game which can be played individually or as multiplayer by hosting it on the platform known as a server where players of different can participate in your game. There are various Minecraft servers available online those have been in the trend among the gamers. Every server of Minecraft is designed perfectly with the different themes and modes that attract a large number of players on their servers.

Various types of Minecraft server


If are the regular player of Minecraft and you love to play thrill-shooting games such as Call of duty 2, The BRAWL can be the most suitable server for you from the entire range of Minecraft servers. This server provides you various modes such FPS and multiple features at its spawn window. The best thing is that you will respawn in that part of the game where you got dead while playing. The Minecraft servers are also used by the world’s most trending games such as fortnite and games of thrones.


This is one of the best Minecraft servers you can enter to play the games. The theme of this server is based on the Pokémon that is also referred to as pixel man mod. It provides you the feature of multiplayer gaming and mainly used for playing the most popular Nintendo games. The server of PIXELMONCRAFT can be found in only two regions of the world, ie. Kanto & Johto. The experts who have created this server have tried their best to offer you the best game play, excellent theme, and the reliable user interface. This server uses the best idea even for their spawn area, which ensures that this server is considered best for the Nintendo games.


The MINEPLEX is one of the most considerable Minecraft servers that are designed with several types of arenas as well as modes, which can be used by you to play various kinds of games. The best part of this server is that approximately 1000 players can participate at a single time to play a game. The detailing and attractive appearance of the server provides you a good feeling when you enter into the server. These servers also offer you a feature of playing individually on their server.


This is the most versatile server you can get by the Minecraft servers. The best feature of this server is to provide you adventurous challenge and missions. They have also designed an attractive trailer that can catch the attention of the player when they will enter in the lobby area of the server. The trailer gives you some necessary information regarding the game play that may assist when you participate on that server for the first time. It creates little confusion when you use this server for the first time, but surely it will become your first preference when you have regular involvement in this server.

How will you be able to host Minecraft server?

It is a gaming service which is open for all the players around the world to compete with each other. Therefore Minecraft server allows players to play with their friends by making a group. Players can play games in solo as well as multiplayer options. They are arguably the safest and most designed game streams one can experience because of their high-resolution graphics. We can rent and host server very quickly.

Process of hosting game sever 

Appropriate technology- before hosting any server, we should ensure that we are having the best kind of technology and computer system with us. As these servers run on very high gaming resolutions, so they need technology sound material, like CPU and the RAM of our CPU should be sufficient to store and capture these graphics. Computers will be able to handle the load of these graphics.

Java- as Minecraft server runs on java so one should make sure that have the latest version of java program with them in their computer. The principal of the window computers doesn’t come with inbuilt java in their application. So we have to download the latest and quickest version of java available in the market. There is nothing to worry if we are apple users, as apple provides java in their computing system. Java is famous for taking loads of high-resolution graphics.

Modification- when it comes to becoming a superstar of the game, one should have a proper change in their game according to their playing style. And the computer they are playing on as apple user interference is much quicker than window software. Playing according to your priority will help you become professional in-game. In windows, there is a text pad and whereas on the opposite side, apple has Mac connection loaded in it.

IP address- this is one of the essential address service providers can provide to gamers. As this address is the one-stop for all the players as this address help player to connect with Minecraft servers. Finding the IP address is very easy to access. Every service provider has their unique IP address it also allows users to stay safe, as IP address is tracked.

Easy program- for hosting a successful and famous gameplay platform, for this having an accessible and useful interference and user program is essential. If anyone has elementary interference program, they will attract more consumers as compared with its alternatives. Therefore having a window computer is very easy because apple and Mac providers give very complicated interference. The servers which are having tuff programs will not be able to attract many consumers.

Bottom line

In conclusion, we highlighted about the features that are important for hosting Minecraft server it is mentioned in the article that we should keep our user interference simple. As it can be so that there will be more durability of our gaming server and can attract more players. When compared to its alternatives.

FPS drop when looking around?

When playing Minecraft servers I get around 120 fps when standing still, or walking around but as soon as I start looking around my fps drops to around 20-30. I’ve never had this problem before, and I’ve spent about an hour in video setting trying to figure out what is causing it but I’ve had no luck. I’ve restarted my computer, reinstalled, but stills nothing. If anyone has had this problem or thinks they know a solution, please let me know. Also I’m playing Java version of Minecraft and I’ve already tried multiple servers.

Minecraft debug keys?

I’m trying to debug my Minecraft client cause it keeps crashing for some reason. Right now we’re all aware of the debug menu for Java Edition.

We also know there are debug combos with F3, for reloading textures, showing tooltops and so on and so on. But on my girlfriends laptop we can use those.

She’s using Minecraft 1.14 and for some reason debug keys are dead and it’s not even laptop.

Minecraft PVP textures!

Hello all fellow Minecraft players out there. I’m back again searching for a PVP or UHC Texture Pack for Minecraft Bedrock but I haven’t been able to find a good texture pack and I thought maybe other players have some ideas.

So what am I looking? I’m looking for texture pack with the following features:

  • Textures should be fairly similar like the original Minecraft look texture packs, but maybe a bit more refined, like 32x and higher
  • Texture packs should show info on armor, coordinates, potion effects and so on, mostly the things which you can’t immediately see in the default texture pack.
  • Fullbright mode would be nice as that’s essentials for caving
  • Ore Outliner to help finding good stuff

By now I’m open for any suggestions so keep them coming.

Strange bug? Minecraft server

I was just playing Minecraft on my Minecraft servers today and I noticed something strange. Chests started bugging out. We’re running latest version of Minecraft and I was using latest client – no cross version plugins like ViaVersion.

The worrisome part is also that the chest was empty after it bugged out, so be careful when you place your chests or you can lose your stuff.

Player damage sound pitch & speed control?

Hey guys i had an idea that i think would be a neat way to customize your player a little bit more. I think that there should be an extra button in the “Skin Customization” tab to turn the damage sound on (the old Steve sound) or off (the regular sound we have today) .

In this menu i think we should be able to adjust the pitch to make the sound more feminine or masculine (not that it really needs it but hey options are good) and then a speed control (maybe) but locked at 25% either way. (so you can have it play 25% faster or 25% slower.

I’ve edited some pictures together of what this may look like in the options menu its self. I have also made a post in the Official Minecraft Suggestions and I’m going to link it and i ask that you guys please vote it up along with this post. Id love to hear some feedback on my idea. Thanks!

How to keep my villagers from being massacred and wiped out?

I haven’t played minecraft since like forever… You could be woken up with a zombie attacking you in bed. Long time. So much new stuff.

I’m playing on hard mode and I’ve started 2 different worlds trying to make my castle near an inhabited village.

The first time pillagers wiped them all out and on the second map zombies kept spawning in the town and killing them no matter how many walls and lights I made.

What can I do if anything?

How to identify lag machine?

Apparently we have lag machine on our server, it keeps coming up and crashing people. It was always built at the top of map and it was a small like 15 times 15 blocks redstone circuit on one block platform.

The circuit was built off a short line of repeaters, possibly comparators and those were hooked to hoppers, droppers, dispensers and pistons.

I don’t remember exact shape as it crashed my Minecraft client instantly.

The idea would to then remove it or even better blacklist it as it will make your server unplayable. Also it looks like this is only affecting latest Minecraft clients so 1.13 and higher for some reason.