Minecraft Discord servers?


Minecraft Discord servers?

Discord is a popular Discord feature for Minecraft players all over the globe. It was created to help players find other people who play the same game. Discord allows players to join servers, make friends, and chat with other people in a variety of ways.

Many active discord servers are available in 2021, Minecraft having such a large player base. Unfortunately, the official Minecraft Discord server has been closed. Here are five additional servers that players can join.

5) Minecraft SMP

For those players who don't know, SMPs are multiplayer servers that allow many Minecrafters to share their survival world adventures together. Join the Minecraft SMP Discord Server to interact with other Minecrafters and share the same server.

4) Cosmic Craft

The #1 discord server for Minecraft players is Cosmic Craft. There's good reason. The server gives away discord nitro every day, and moderators do an excellent job of making sure everyone has a great time with lots of features.

3) Midnight Oasis

Chatting is great, but earning rewards for being active on a server can be even better. Midnight Oasis hosts many Minecrafters who are open to friendly conversations. You can also win giveaways on the server, along with meeting amazing people.

2) Purple Prison

Purple prison is a well-known discord server. Their Minecraft server was reset in October 2020. This has made purple prison a much better community as many cheaters were banned. Join the purple prison discord server to find a friendly community and new game modes.

1) Hypixel

Hypixel is a large Minecraft minigame server with many loyal fans. It offers fun game modes and has many other great features. It hosts 150000 concurrent users.

If you are tired of Minecraft survival mode, then join this Discord server to interact with other players and learn about all the game modes.