Minecraft PVP textures!


Minecraft PVP textures!

Hello all fellow Minecraft players out there. I'm back again searching for a PVP or UHC Texture Pack for Minecraft Bedrock but I haven't been able to find a good texture pack and I thought maybe other players have some ideas.

So what am I looking? I'm looking for texture pack with the following features:

- Textures should be fairly similar like the original Minecraft look texture packs, but maybe a bit more refined, like 32x and higher
- Texture packs should show info on armor, coordinates, potion effects and so on, mostly the things which you can't immediately see in the default texture pack.
- Fullbright mode would be nice as that's essentials for caving
- Ore Outliner to help finding good stuff

By now I'm open for any suggestions so keep them coming.