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Player damage sound pitch & speed control?

Hey guys i had an idea that i think would be a neat way to customize your player a little bit more. I think that there should be an extra button in the “Skin Customization” tab to turn the damage sound on (the old Steve sound) or off (the regular sound we have today) .

In this menu i think we should be able to adjust the pitch to make the sound more feminine or masculine (not that it really needs it but hey options are good) and then a speed control (maybe) but locked at 25% either way. (so you can have it play 25% faster or 25% slower.

I’ve edited some pictures together of what this may look like in the options menu its self. I have also made a post in the Official Minecraft Suggestions and I’m going to link it and i ask that you guys please vote it up along with this post. Id love to hear some feedback on my idea. Thanks!