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Finding the best Minecraft server for you

There are plenty of game modes to play in Minecraft and for every way to play there’s whole boatloads of servers to play on. Finding out the right game mode is just the start of finding the server you’re going to want to play for a long time and enjoy yourself on. After figuring out your game mode, you’re going to want to shop around a bit to find a server that offers you the experience you want. To start with I’ll go over the major game modes among the Minecraft servers.

Minecraft Anarchy servers

These servers are the ones I enjoy quite a bit. There’s always something going on if there’s at least some people on it, the rules don’t really matter since as the name suggests rules aren’t really in the cards for Minecraft anarchy servers. As I suggested though you’re going to want to find yourself a server that has a high enough, since when the population is low enough they feel like wastelands with no one to quarrel over, except the occasional player who spots you at a distance and simply goes the other way.

Minecraft Prison servers

Minecraft prison servers are good because they give Minecraft the structure that it lacks in it’s original form. It gives you a clear goal to work towards and makes you pretty much compete with others to achieve it. A fun game mode nonetheless as you’re quite likely to wear yourself out if you don’t play with friends. To find the right Minecraft prison server for yourself, shop around till you find the one that has the events and rates that seem fun to you.

Minecraft Skyblock servers

While this doesn’t really apply only to Skyblock challenges but to most Minecraft servers that don’t really have a continuous game modes as much, like the Skyblock, the survival battle royales etc. … You want to pretty much pay attention to two things, you want the community built around those servers to be one you’re going to want to engage with for a long time and you’re going to want to pay attention to their events and weekly tournaments.

Basically these are some of the more popular game modes you’re going to find on among Minecraft servers. There are plenty of Minecraft server lists out there and I’m sure you can take a little gander to find a server just right for you. I can advise you to use this Minecraft server list as this is the one I use.

Minecraft anarchy servers

Anarchy servers in Minecraft are very much unique in the way they let you play the game compared to other servers. While other servers might have rules against griefing, free pvping and destroying people’s building, on anarchy you’re free to do anything you could in game without cheating or hacking. This sort of freedom comes with some downsides as you might have caught on already. If you build the nicest building on the server, a good chance is it’s not going to be there tomorrow. Surely someone is going to think the server would look better without it and make it happen. However these servers usually also foster the closest knit community since people are forced to make bonds of either friendship or rivalry with other players or they just keep annoying each other until one of them moves on.

While you may think that Minecraft anarchy servers are some of the more sparsely populated you’d be very wrong about that. There are plenty of people more than willing to take up the challenge of playing in the wild west, a dog eat dog world if you will. Most also do it for the bragging rights, since few can say that they have a standing building of their own on an anarchy server. This added thrill makes the game quite a bit more fun since it drops all the dead weight of rules, while letting you quite literally wage war on your fellow players if you so choose.

Best Minecraft prison servers

I’ve gone pretty hard on the Prison game mode in Minecraft. However I’m finding that there are fewer and fewer good servers offering this mode. It’s actually pretty sad. If you’re looking for a few decent servers left out there, you don’t have to look further as I’m here to give you to the scoop. Here’s my four favorite prison servers.


While there are a few prison servers that are a part of a larger cluster of servers, ExtremeCraft takes the cake. Their staff is willing to help you in case of any problems and they’re constantly updating their servers with new content. Usually they err on the side of caution and wait for it to be tried and tested however there’s still plenty of fresh ideas to go around. Their prison server is top notch and I’ve spent more than a few hours playing on it.


LemonCloud’s prison mode is the definition of conservative game design. There’s not a lot of innovation going on, however that’s not entirely a bad thing. The prison mode is by design a more of a closed game mode and changes aren’t usually for the better. The community is still fun to mess around with and they’re pretty friendly over all.


ManaCube tends to hit most of these lists as theyre pretty well managed. Their servers are quite well updated and moderated and there are plenty of players on them. Their prison servers are divided into 3 worlds, the farming world, the market world and the free world, letting you use a plot on each to make the most them. They also have quite a strict ruleset about their prison mode and don’t mess around. However it does make for a pretty fun experience.


MCPrison is one of the more unique servers around. They’re mostly concentrated on providing a one of the only dedicated underwater themed servers. Their prison mode is one of their main attractions and they’ve modded it with custom enchantments, lucky crates, giveaways, login rewards and so on. There’s always something going on and there are plenty events to keep their server feeling fresh and fun. Obviously their prison is what draws most of the players in but they stay for the perks and events.

These are my favorite Prison servers. There are obviously other Minecraft Prison servers, however if you’re looking to get into the game mode, these are the servers id recommend checking out. However if you’d like to dip your feet in the water from the get go, I’d direct you to https://serverlist101.com/minecraft-servers, where you can find plenty of servers and I’m sure there’s one that’s just right for you.

Let’s play Minecraft

With the whole pandemic going on, I think minecraft is one of the most fun ways to spend your time alone or with friends, you can find. There are plenty of servers with welcoming communities that are more than willing to persuade you to play on their server. Most servers even have welcoming committees helping you out if it’s your first time playing the game, explaining to you how to get started and help you have a fun time. You can even make new friends in minecraft especially in some of the more tight-knit communities out there. However when you join the server it’s usually a good practice to talk to one of the mods or the admin of the server so they can explain the server rules and etiquette as every server is a clique of its own. This may all seem complicated at the start however if you just dive into it and start playing you’re soon gonna find yourself having fun and letting you figure out the important stuff as you go and the rest will come when it may. I think that’s one of the beauties of this game and it’s probably the reason why it’s so popular even after so much time has passed since it’s release. Minecraft is even used by some schools for their lectures these days. Fun stuff indeed.

So let’s play Minecraft!

Playing Minecraft in quarantine?

I’m already bored out of my mind mainly due to lock down. There’s nothing to do anymore, almost nothing. I got back to playing Minecraft again, this time online on Minecraft servers.

Where to find Minecraft servers? Well Minecraft server lists would be a good start, here’s one: https://serverlist101.com/minecraft-servers/

It’s been a lot of fun and since there are tons of Minecraft servers I couldn’t even check them all out, at least not yet. I’ve been playing almost all top servers of past few days and boy o boy I even managed to find some 1.16 servers.

Compared to 1.8 Minecraft servers, 1.16 is like a whole new world, tons of new mobs, new blocks and what not, some of them are a bit unstable since Minecraft 1.16 was just released a while ago but they’re still fun to play.

My advice? If you got bored of 1.8 Minecraft servers you should defensively check out 1.16 servers, just be sure to pick servers with good uptime or you will just be waiting for your server to come back online due to all issues Minecraft 1.16 introduced.

Minecraft servers

Minecraft has proved alone to acquire a worthy Laptop or computer recreation, due to the superior desire to have servers. Increasingly being so preferred means that there’s a large will require for significant speed internet hosting of maps and players that could cope with the vast quantity of players that want to do. There are some website hosting choices easily available, together can consist of some Minecraft servers methods, whether these ended up non-public or community, earning the Minecraft server hosting procedure effortless and manageable by just about anyone who has to host a personal celebration.

As we’ve talked about right before, there are several types of servers which youll use to host your sport maps. It is possible to manage a focused Minecraft server hosting in your own home, meaning you’ll be able to own a personal server which you will have use to generate money afterwards, when it gains acceptance and interest. If youd prefer to host a non-public tiny gaming available for you along with your buddies, it really is possible try this appropriately within a person computer system, meaning you have got choices to join the sport or just host it, delivering far better ping and balance. Committed servers generally speaking are folks that your person computer only hosts the overall game, which means it’s not litigant, merely a host. At the time this server is all about as devoted and you choose to get part of the sport, you’ll have to begin a new server, nevertheless it only usually takes an instant or two to obtain all the stuff up yet again. Minecraft servers which you pays cash for in many cases are the larger option, because these are typically the best areas of hardware utilizing a wide range of memory capacity and processing velocity, and so are always committed, indicating they only have one intent – to provide a cushty Minecraft gaming encounter.

Establishing your own private Minecraft server

To create a private server available for you and your good friends a normal computer system is important, practically nothing too excessive. Let’s imagine chances are you will have host a task session with as much as eight players with no enduring any challenges or glitches, that is, if the Web link comes to an end and jogging correctly. In relation to non-public Minecraft servers, the biggest difficulty people are possessing using this type of set up is ensuring that that every one the required router ports are open. This is a major predicament a couple of years back, when it absolutely was necessary to definitely know lots about routing know-how to obtain these ports open. Nowadays, thanks to portforward.com, anybody can open their ports to get a terrific Minecraft server internet hosting solution. Its vital to the host to obtain totally connectable, so other players can be quite a a part of in seamlessly.

If you are much more into hardcore Minecraft gaming and have a great deal of mates who also adore playing the activity, non-public Minecraft server hosting simply will not be sufficient. As a result, you need to buy a whole time focused Minecraft server, that will make certain you as well as your close friends can savor the gameplay every day in every time. Costs differ a lot, but each of the compensated Minecraft servers are nicely overviewed by the community so be sure to take a look at some boards and opinions to understand which servers provide the best working experience.

1.16 Minecraft servers?

Minecraft 1.16 is officially out and so is Minecraft servers support for 1.16 clients and 1.16.1 to be exact since Minecraft 1.16 had realms bug and 1.16.1 got released shortly after to address that issue.

With that being said for major servers 1.16 is far from stable and usable since there are still tons of plugins that are still not updated and Minecraft 1.16 related bugs and dupe glitches.

However it seems like things are slowly but surely moving forward as there was actually Bukkit 1.16, CraftBukkit 1.16 and Spigot 1.16 released, shortly after even PaperSpigot 1.16 which is used by servers with large player base.

It’s probably still too soon to say when most of servers will update to 1.16 since they’re usually relaying on various plugins that will take months to update but we’re slowly getting there 🙂

New minecraft servers?

There are so many games available in the world, all the games white simple help in removing all the stress of daily life. You can do wonders removing all the stress and tensions of life by just playing games like Minecraft in the mobile or on the computers. Today is the era of Science and Technology, and you can do anything with your mobile and networks these days. Now you can play some crucial games like Minecraft. The game is beautifully designed by the developers of the game to provide you all the great fun and entertainment in the home or in the offices where you all work for the daily wages to run your everyday life.

There are so many things to learn about each game you play on the mobile, all the computers. Today I will teach you some basics about the Minecraft gameplay and some other essential points of adding new service in the game. Below you will find some necessary help to add more servers in the game to play a Minecraft in multiplayer mode.

  • It is better to hire some services which provide decent help in making a new server for the game. However, for this service no need to pay a little money to get the service in the home for the offices. You can get assistance from internet sources, checksum local internet sites, which offer excellent service to start the new facility for the Minecraft game.
  • Before making any decision on a particular service, you need to check all the reviews about the service, available on the Internet. You’re always free to read all the comparisons and views about the particular service available in your local market on Internet sources. All the reviews and comparison helps you to make the right decision all the cost of the service and also for the self-performance of the company.
  • To check all the reviews comparison about the particular service, you need to access YouTube and other relevant internet websites, which offer helpful information about specific service which you are planning to hire to make all the secure servers for the multiplayer gaming in the Minecraft game.
  • Making a particular theme for the server is also better for the Gamers so just want to play the game more and more. Availability of themes is depending upon the search you are making on the Internet. Try to search only those websites which offers nice information about the Minecraft game.
  • The software was also necessary to play the game in a secure mode. Numerous types of softwares available on the Internet, which will provide this and help in getting all the write plugins for the server in the Minecraft game.


By hammering on the last name, I can say that all the words you will about are in auto provide you all the necessary knowledge, which is used to manage all the servers on computers and mobile phones to play the Minecraft very quickly. Just follow all the lines mentioned above to get decent help.

What are the best Minecraft servers you can use?

Minecraft server is the gaming server that is used to play the game online with multiple players. The Minecraft is a top-rated game which can be played individually or as multiplayer by hosting it on the platform known as a server where players of different can participate in your game. There are various Minecraft servers available online those have been in the trend among the gamers. Every server of Minecraft is designed perfectly with the different themes and modes that attract a large number of players on their servers.

Various types of Minecraft server


If are the regular player of Minecraft and you love to play thrill-shooting games such as Call of duty 2, The BRAWL can be the most suitable server for you from the entire range of Minecraft servers. This server provides you various modes such FPS and multiple features at its spawn window. The best thing is that you will respawn in that part of the game where you got dead while playing. The Minecraft servers are also used by the world’s most trending games such as fortnite and games of thrones.


This is one of the best Minecraft servers you can enter to play the games. The theme of this server is based on the PokĂ©mon that is also referred to as pixel man mod. It provides you the feature of multiplayer gaming and mainly used for playing the most popular Nintendo games. The server of PIXELMONCRAFT can be found in only two regions of the world, ie. Kanto & Johto. The experts who have created this server have tried their best to offer you the best game play, excellent theme, and the reliable user interface. This server uses the best idea even for their spawn area, which ensures that this server is considered best for the Nintendo games.


The MINEPLEX is one of the most considerable Minecraft servers that are designed with several types of arenas as well as modes, which can be used by you to play various kinds of games. The best part of this server is that approximately 1000 players can participate at a single time to play a game. The detailing and attractive appearance of the server provides you a good feeling when you enter into the server. These servers also offer you a feature of playing individually on their server.


This is the most versatile server you can get by the Minecraft servers. The best feature of this server is to provide you adventurous challenge and missions. They have also designed an attractive trailer that can catch the attention of the player when they will enter in the lobby area of the server. The trailer gives you some necessary information regarding the game play that may assist when you participate on that server for the first time. It creates little confusion when you use this server for the first time, but surely it will become your first preference when you have regular involvement in this server.

How will you be able to host Minecraft server?

It is a gaming service which is open for all the players around the world to compete with each other. Therefore Minecraft server allows players to play with their friends by making a group. Players can play games in solo as well as multiplayer options. They are arguably the safest and most designed game streams one can experience because of their high-resolution graphics. We can rent and host server very quickly.

Process of hosting game sever 

Appropriate technology- before hosting any server, we should ensure that we are having the best kind of technology and computer system with us. As these servers run on very high gaming resolutions, so they need technology sound material, like CPU and the RAM of our CPU should be sufficient to store and capture these graphics. Computers will be able to handle the load of these graphics.

Java- as Minecraft server runs on java so one should make sure that have the latest version of java program with them in their computer. The principal of the window computers doesn’t come with inbuilt java in their application. So we have to download the latest and quickest version of java available in the market. There is nothing to worry if we are apple users, as apple provides java in their computing system. Java is famous for taking loads of high-resolution graphics.

Modification- when it comes to becoming a superstar of the game, one should have a proper change in their game according to their playing style. And the computer they are playing on as apple user interference is much quicker than window software. Playing according to your priority will help you become professional in-game. In windows, there is a text pad and whereas on the opposite side, apple has Mac connection loaded in it.

IP address- this is one of the essential address service providers can provide to gamers. As this address is the one-stop for all the players as this address help player to connect with Minecraft servers. Finding the IP address is very easy to access. Every service provider has their unique IP address it also allows users to stay safe, as IP address is tracked.

Easy program- for hosting a successful and famous gameplay platform, for this having an accessible and useful interference and user program is essential. If anyone has elementary interference program, they will attract more consumers as compared with its alternatives. Therefore having a window computer is very easy because apple and Mac providers give very complicated interference. The servers which are having tuff programs will not be able to attract many consumers.

Bottom line

In conclusion, we highlighted about the features that are important for hosting Minecraft server it is mentioned in the article that we should keep our user interference simple. As it can be so that there will be more durability of our gaming server and can attract more players. When compared to its alternatives.