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Summonable mobs in Minecraft

Living entities in Minecraft are known as mobs. They can be found all over the world. There are many hostile mobs that will spawn wherever their light conditions allow. Some mobs provide useful items, making them an important part of the game.

When most mobs die, they drop an item as well as some experience points. Some mobs such as the sheep are worth killing, as they occasionally provide wool.

You can summon a few mobs by placing blocks in the right orientation. This is a list of all mobs players can summon in Minecraft survival mode.

Iron Golem

The iron golem, which is common in villages, is a neutral mob that you can summon using iron blocks. It can also be found in villages, where it protects villager from hostile mobs. An iron golem could also spawn in the cage, which sometimes produces next to pillager outposts.

Iron golems can drop iron ingots after their death. Because they are an efficient source of iron, many Minecrafters create iron golem farms.

Four iron blocks and a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern are required to summon an iron golem. Place the iron blocks in a T-shaped shape, then place the pumpkin on top.

Snow Golem

A passive mob called snow golem can be made using two snow blocks, a carved pumpkin, or a Jack-o’-lantern. This utility mob attacks hostile creatures using snowballs.

When a player puts snow blocks on top each other, and then adds a carved pumpkin to the top, he or she summons a snow golem.


Wither is a terrifying boss mob that has three heads. It can drop a nether star that can be used for crafting beacons. Players need to have four blocks of soul soil or soul sand blocks and three wither skulls in order to create a wither. You can get wither skulls by killing wither bones.

Place the soul soil blocks in an A-shape, and then place all three heads on top.

Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon, like the Wither is also a boss mob. It can only spawn in one world. Players can defeat it and re-suspend it with end crystals. Players must place four end crystals on either side of the exit portal.

Baby mobs

The player can breed villager and other animals in Minecraft by giving them their favorite food choices. A baby mob is formed when two mobs mate. This mob eventually grows up to join its parent mob.

Minecraft Discord servers?

Discord is a popular Discord feature for Minecraft players all over the globe. It was created to help players find other people who play the same game. Discord allows players to join servers, make friends, and chat with other people in a variety of ways.

Many active discord servers are available in 2021, Minecraft having such a large player base. Unfortunately, the official Minecraft Discord server has been closed. Here are five additional servers that players can join.

5) Minecraft SMP

For those players who don’t know, SMPs are multiplayer servers that allow many Minecrafters to share their survival world adventures together. Join the Minecraft SMP Discord Server to interact with other Minecrafters and share the same server.

4) Cosmic Craft

The #1 discord server for Minecraft players is Cosmic Craft. There’s good reason. The server gives away discord nitro every day, and moderators do an excellent job of making sure everyone has a great time with lots of features.

3) Midnight Oasis

Chatting is great, but earning rewards for being active on a server can be even better. Midnight Oasis hosts many Minecrafters who are open to friendly conversations. You can also win giveaways on the server, along with meeting amazing people.

2) Purple Prison

Purple prison is a well-known discord server. Their Minecraft server was reset in October 2020. This has made purple prison a much better community as many cheaters were banned. Join the purple prison discord server to find a friendly community and new game modes.

1) Hypixel

Hypixel is a large Minecraft minigame server with many loyal fans. It offers fun game modes and has many other great features. It hosts 150000 concurrent users.

If you are tired of Minecraft survival mode, then join this Discord server to interact with other players and learn about all the game modes.

Minecraft Prison Servers

While playing on Prison servers, gamers start at the bottom rank with nothing more than beginning gear. Players have to get cash and rank up to advance in the game. They could attain this target by mining rock, ore, or gems, and they’re usually accessible PVP safe zones. Position up in the sport is an important part as it gives players access to some perks, therefore it ought to be your primary goal.

The game will start with you in the spawn area, also you’ll be able to enter unique blocks in the primary spawn area. As soon as you enter the first block, you’ll be able to begin mining, along with your focus should be on progressing through distinct prison ranks. If you make the right moves at the right time and adhere to the rules, you’ll be able to progress quicker. Below are a few suggestions which you could follow to do better in this game mode.

  1. Produce and see plots

Earning money is an significant part the sport, and generating a plot can help you perform better in this field. If you set up a donation chest, players passing by your plot might wind up blessing you with their own contributions. Creating a shop will also be a good way to raise your revenue in the sport, and you’re able to sell the diamonds you mined to get a fantastic amount of money.

Seeing plots created by other gamers can also be a great way of earning money. In case a plot comes with a store, you may sell ores for great prices, which will give you a boost.

  1. Focus on ranking up

If you’ve read this article carefully before now, you might have figured out that standing up is the key here. A good deal of people like to rate up at once, which isn’t the best idea. You’ll have the ability to market ores for more cash as you rank up, and there is absolutely no use in holding back when you have sufficient money to rank up.

  1. Keep selling things

Selling things is the ideal means of earning money from the sport, and you may find a good quantity of money by selling an OP armor or weapon. You may sell other things also, but you ought to market them for the ideal cost. You should be aware of the worth of different things in the game, as it will help you in the long run.

  1. Create a plan before getting into a fight

Fighting other players in the game can be enjoyable, and it may be rewarding as well. Should you kill a player, you can get cool items, but it will only occur if you win the fight. You find yourself losing everything if you die in the fight, which is equally likely to occur if you do not plan your moves properly.

A lot of players avoid getting into fights for as long as you can avoid losingweight. Some players choose the dirty way and set up with strangers to make it a 2v1 fight. This makes it easier for them to acquire the battle, but they can get back-stabbed at any stage. Rushing into things can make matters worse, which means you ought to make an effort to make wise decisions.

  1. Don’t break rules

Some servers may not be as strict as others, but you shouldn’t ever risk breaking rules. You need to understand that these rules protect you from getting scammed and they create the gaming experience safe for the players.

If you follow these hints, you are likely to succeed in the sport. One other important issue is to be more constant, and you can take items to a whole new level by planning every move efficiently. It is important to stay focused while playing the sport, since it will permit you to catch every chance you get.


In this article, we discussed how you’ll find the very best Minecraft Prison servers. If you’ve read this article carefully, you will understand how to join a brand new server and perform this game mode. We also shared some suggestions which you could use to progress quicker. Now that you know the best place to discover a good Minecraft Prison machine, then let’s get ready to rock the match.

Finding the best Minecraft server for you

There are plenty of game modes to play in Minecraft and for every way to play there’s whole boatloads of servers to play on. Finding out the right game mode is just the start of finding the server you’re going to want to play for a long time and enjoy yourself on. After figuring out your game mode, you’re going to want to shop around a bit to find a server that offers you the experience you want. To start with I’ll go over the major game modes among the Minecraft servers.

Minecraft Anarchy servers

These servers are the ones I enjoy quite a bit. There’s always something going on if there’s at least some people on it, the rules don’t really matter since as the name suggests rules aren’t really in the cards for Minecraft anarchy servers. As I suggested though you’re going to want to find yourself a server that has a high enough, since when the population is low enough they feel like wastelands with no one to quarrel over, except the occasional player who spots you at a distance and simply goes the other way.

Minecraft Prison servers

Minecraft prison servers are good because they give Minecraft the structure that it lacks in it’s original form. It gives you a clear goal to work towards and makes you pretty much compete with others to achieve it. A fun game mode nonetheless as you’re quite likely to wear yourself out if you don’t play with friends. To find the right Minecraft prison server for yourself, shop around till you find the one that has the events and rates that seem fun to you.

Minecraft Skyblock servers

While this doesn’t really apply only to Skyblock challenges but to most Minecraft servers that don’t really have a continuous game modes as much, like the Skyblock, the survival battle royales etc. … You want to pretty much pay attention to two things, you want the community built around those servers to be one you’re going to want to engage with for a long time and you’re going to want to pay attention to their events and weekly tournaments.

Basically these are some of the more popular game modes you’re going to find on among Minecraft servers. There are plenty of Minecraft server lists out there and I’m sure you can take a little gander to find a server just right for you. I can advise you to use this Minecraft server list as this is the one I use.

Minecraft anarchy servers

Anarchy servers in Minecraft are very much unique in the way they let you play the game compared to other servers. While other servers might have rules against griefing, free pvping and destroying people’s building, on anarchy you’re free to do anything you could in game without cheating or hacking. This sort of freedom comes with some downsides as you might have caught on already. If you build the nicest building on the server, a good chance is it’s not going to be there tomorrow. Surely someone is going to think the server would look better without it and make it happen. However these servers usually also foster the closest knit community since people are forced to make bonds of either friendship or rivalry with other players or they just keep annoying each other until one of them moves on.

While you may think that Minecraft anarchy servers are some of the more sparsely populated you’d be very wrong about that. There are plenty of people more than willing to take up the challenge of playing in the wild west, a dog eat dog world if you will. Most also do it for the bragging rights, since few can say that they have a standing building of their own on an anarchy server. This added thrill makes the game quite a bit more fun since it drops all the dead weight of rules, while letting you quite literally wage war on your fellow players if you so choose.

Best Minecraft prison servers

I’ve gone pretty hard on the Prison game mode in Minecraft. However I’m finding that there are fewer and fewer good servers offering this mode. It’s actually pretty sad. If you’re looking for a few decent servers left out there, you don’t have to look further as I’m here to give you to the scoop. Here’s my four favorite prison servers.


While there are a few prison servers that are a part of a larger cluster of servers, ExtremeCraft takes the cake. Their staff is willing to help you in case of any problems and they’re constantly updating their servers with new content. Usually they err on the side of caution and wait for it to be tried and tested however there’s still plenty of fresh ideas to go around. Their prison server is top notch and I’ve spent more than a few hours playing on it.


LemonCloud’s prison mode is the definition of conservative game design. There’s not a lot of innovation going on, however that’s not entirely a bad thing. The prison mode is by design a more of a closed game mode and changes aren’t usually for the better. The community is still fun to mess around with and they’re pretty friendly over all.


ManaCube tends to hit most of these lists as theyre pretty well managed. Their servers are quite well updated and moderated and there are plenty of players on them. Their prison servers are divided into 3 worlds, the farming world, the market world and the free world, letting you use a plot on each to make the most them. They also have quite a strict ruleset about their prison mode and don’t mess around. However it does make for a pretty fun experience.


MCPrison is one of the more unique servers around. They’re mostly concentrated on providing a one of the only dedicated underwater themed servers. Their prison mode is one of their main attractions and they’ve modded it with custom enchantments, lucky crates, giveaways, login rewards and so on. There’s always something going on and there are plenty events to keep their server feeling fresh and fun. Obviously their prison is what draws most of the players in but they stay for the perks and events.

These are my favorite Prison servers. There are obviously other Minecraft Prison servers, however if you’re looking to get into the game mode, these are the servers id recommend checking out. However if you’d like to dip your feet in the water from the get go, I’d direct you to https://serverlist101.com/minecraft-servers, where you can find plenty of servers and I’m sure there’s one that’s just right for you.

Let’s play Minecraft

With the whole pandemic going on, I think minecraft is one of the most fun ways to spend your time alone or with friends, you can find. There are plenty of servers with welcoming communities that are more than willing to persuade you to play on their server. Most servers even have welcoming committees helping you out if it’s your first time playing the game, explaining to you how to get started and help you have a fun time. You can even make new friends in minecraft especially in some of the more tight-knit communities out there. However when you join the server it’s usually a good practice to talk to one of the mods or the admin of the server so they can explain the server rules and etiquette as every server is a clique of its own. This may all seem complicated at the start however if you just dive into it and start playing you’re soon gonna find yourself having fun and letting you figure out the important stuff as you go and the rest will come when it may. I think that’s one of the beauties of this game and it’s probably the reason why it’s so popular even after so much time has passed since it’s release. Minecraft is even used by some schools for their lectures these days. Fun stuff indeed.

So let’s play Minecraft!

Playing Minecraft in quarantine?

I’m already bored out of my mind mainly due to lock down. There’s nothing to do anymore, almost nothing. I got back to playing Minecraft again, this time online on Minecraft servers.

Where to find Minecraft servers? Well Minecraft server lists would be a good start, here’s one: https://serverlist101.com/minecraft-servers/

It’s been a lot of fun and since there are tons of Minecraft servers I couldn’t even check them all out, at least not yet. I’ve been playing almost all top servers of past few days and boy o boy I even managed to find some 1.16 servers.

Compared to 1.8 Minecraft servers, 1.16 is like a whole new world, tons of new mobs, new blocks and what not, some of them are a bit unstable since Minecraft 1.16 was just released a while ago but they’re still fun to play.

My advice? If you got bored of 1.8 Minecraft servers you should defensively check out 1.16 servers, just be sure to pick servers with good uptime or you will just be waiting for your server to come back online due to all issues Minecraft 1.16 introduced.

Minecraft servers

Minecraft has proved alone to acquire a worthy Laptop or computer recreation, due to the superior desire to have servers. Increasingly being so preferred means that there’s a large will require for significant speed internet hosting of maps and players that could cope with the vast quantity of players that want to do. There are some website hosting choices easily available, together can consist of some Minecraft servers methods, whether these ended up non-public or community, earning the Minecraft server hosting procedure effortless and manageable by just about anyone who has to host a personal celebration.

As we’ve talked about right before, there are several types of servers which youll use to host your sport maps. It is possible to manage a focused Minecraft server hosting in your own home, meaning you’ll be able to own a personal server which you will have use to generate money afterwards, when it gains acceptance and interest. If youd prefer to host a non-public tiny gaming available for you along with your buddies, it really is possible try this appropriately within a person computer system, meaning you have got choices to join the sport or just host it, delivering far better ping and balance. Committed servers generally speaking are folks that your person computer only hosts the overall game, which means it’s not litigant, merely a host. At the time this server is all about as devoted and you choose to get part of the sport, you’ll have to begin a new server, nevertheless it only usually takes an instant or two to obtain all the stuff up yet again. Minecraft servers which you pays cash for in many cases are the larger option, because these are typically the best areas of hardware utilizing a wide range of memory capacity and processing velocity, and so are always committed, indicating they only have one intent – to provide a cushty Minecraft gaming encounter.

Establishing your own private Minecraft server

To create a private server available for you and your good friends a normal computer system is important, practically nothing too excessive. Let’s imagine chances are you will have host a task session with as much as eight players with no enduring any challenges or glitches, that is, if the Web link comes to an end and jogging correctly. In relation to non-public Minecraft servers, the biggest difficulty people are possessing using this type of set up is ensuring that that every one the required router ports are open. This is a major predicament a couple of years back, when it absolutely was necessary to definitely know lots about routing know-how to obtain these ports open. Nowadays, thanks to portforward.com, anybody can open their ports to get a terrific Minecraft server internet hosting solution. Its vital to the host to obtain totally connectable, so other players can be quite a a part of in seamlessly.

If you are much more into hardcore Minecraft gaming and have a great deal of mates who also adore playing the activity, non-public Minecraft server hosting simply will not be sufficient. As a result, you need to buy a whole time focused Minecraft server, that will make certain you as well as your close friends can savor the gameplay every day in every time. Costs differ a lot, but each of the compensated Minecraft servers are nicely overviewed by the community so be sure to take a look at some boards and opinions to understand which servers provide the best working experience.

1.16 Minecraft servers?

Minecraft 1.16 is officially out and so is Minecraft servers support for 1.16 clients and 1.16.1 to be exact since Minecraft 1.16 had realms bug and 1.16.1 got released shortly after to address that issue.

With that being said for major servers 1.16 is far from stable and usable since there are still tons of plugins that are still not updated and Minecraft 1.16 related bugs and dupe glitches.

However it seems like things are slowly but surely moving forward as there was actually Bukkit 1.16, CraftBukkit 1.16 and Spigot 1.16 released, shortly after even PaperSpigot 1.16 which is used by servers with large player base.

It’s probably still too soon to say when most of servers will update to 1.16 since they’re usually relaying on various plugins that will take months to update but we’re slowly getting there 🙂