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Month: July 2019

FPS drop when looking around?

When playing Minecraft servers I get around 120 fps when standing still, or walking around but as soon as I start looking around my fps drops to around 20-30. I’ve never had this problem before, and I’ve spent about an hour in video setting trying to figure out what is causing it but I’ve had no luck. I’ve restarted my computer, reinstalled, but stills nothing. If anyone has had this problem or thinks they know a solution, please let me know. Also I’m playing Java version of Minecraft and I’ve already tried multiple servers.

Minecraft debug keys?

I’m trying to debug my Minecraft client cause it keeps crashing for some reason. Right now we’re all aware of the debug menu for Java Edition.

We also know there are debug combos with F3, for reloading textures, showing tooltops and so on and so on. But on my girlfriends laptop we can use those.

She’s using Minecraft 1.14 and for some reason debug keys are dead and it’s not even laptop.

Minecraft PVP textures!

Hello all fellow Minecraft players out there. I’m back again searching for a PVP or UHC Texture Pack for Minecraft Bedrock but I haven’t been able to find a good texture pack and I thought maybe other players have some ideas.

So what am I looking? I’m looking for texture pack with the following features:

  • Textures should be fairly similar like the original Minecraft look texture packs, but maybe a bit more refined, like 32x and higher
  • Texture packs should show info on armor, coordinates, potion effects and so on, mostly the things which you can’t immediately see in the default texture pack.
  • Fullbright mode would be nice as that’s essentials for caving
  • Ore Outliner to help finding good stuff

By now I’m open for any suggestions so keep them coming.