Playing Minecraft in quarantine?


Playing Minecraft in quarantine?

I'm already bored out of my mind mainly due to lock down. There's nothing to do anymore, almost nothing. I got back to playing Minecraft again, this time online on Minecraft servers.

It's been a lot of fun and since there are tons of Minecraft servers I couldn't even check them all out, at least not yet. I've been playing almost all top servers of past few days and boy o boy I even managed to find some 1.16 servers.

Compared to 1.8 Minecraft servers, 1.16 is like a whole new world, tons of new mobs, new blocks and what not, some of them are a bit unstable since Minecraft 1.16 was just released a while ago but they're still fun to play.

My advice? If you got bored of 1.8 Minecraft servers you should defensively check out 1.16 servers, just be sure to pick servers with good uptime or you will just be waiting for your server to come back online due to all issues Minecraft 1.16 introduced.